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Coxing runs through the former Smitty's Ranch property. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Preserve and Open Space Institute. got 4,900 visits in 2014.

Moving Mountains: History of Mohonk and OSI Land Fraud and Robert K. Anderberg
by Eric Francis Coppolino
| Aug. 2, 2013

Note: above article includes a link to Judge Cahill's decision.

Rounding out the Boundaries by Eric Francis Coppolino | Aug. 9, 2013

This Land is My Land: The Story of Brook Farm CSA by Eric Francis Coppolino | Oct. 25, 2013

By Any Means (1st article, from Woodstock Times) by Eric Francis Coppolino | Dec. 4, 1997

Transcript of Eric Francis keynote at the Property Rights Foundation of America | 1998

New York Times adaptation of my coverage in Woodstsock Times | June 2, 1998

Mohonk Preserve Loses Lawsuit Over Disputed Land by Bill Kimble | July 31, 2013

Mohonk Preserve Loses Latest Land Grab Lawsuit on Yahoo Finance | Aug. 6, 2013

Same press release in Sacramento Bee

Google index for Mohonk lawsuit search string

New Paltz Couple Prevails in Land War by Jeremiah Horrigan | Aug. 6, 2013

Eric's Coverage of Dioxin and PCBs is at Dioxin Dorms Website.

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